ECOGEO provides industrial blades for machines that meet high quality requirements

We use different types of steel to produce high quality industrial blades, knowing that choosing the right raw material is important for an always precise cut. The materials are chosen according to the application of the blade.

The use of the base material of superior performance, combined with the application of the coating or suitable treatment, will improve the performance of your blades, thus minimizing the downtime of your machinery.

We know well that stopping production to replace blades takes time, which could instead be used to produce.

For this reason, we pay great attention to raw material.

Constant quality controls

Paying attention to the raw material means, first of all, knowing it well.

That is why we subject our products to constant quality controls.

Thanks to the technology of our latest-generation Axiotek hardness testers and penetrometers, we carry out Rockwell and surface Rockwell hardness tests, applying forces generated by the load cell and controlled in Closed Loop – a frequency of 1000 pulses per second, thus guaranteeing extremely precise results.

In addition, we analyse the raw material by generating Brinell and Vickers impressions in accordance with the relevant ASTM and ISO standards.


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