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The history of ECOGEO, a supplier of industrial blades, began with the collaboration between the Geom. Mario Limido and Regina Catene Calibrate S.p.A., continuing with LUND Int. Group USA, for the marketing of special blades for harvesting in the agricultural sector.

The ECOGEO brand was officially born in 1987, with the second generation of our family: the geologist Dr. Fabio Limido realized his ambition towards the world of industry, dedicating himself to the sector of blades used on industrial machinery. It is precisely by taking inspiration from his education and experience as an environmental geologist, and by honoring his father’s experience in agriculture, that the name ECOGEO was chosen.

Today ECOGEO is managed by the third generation of our family with Lavinia and Lucrezia, and is active in many sectors of the industry, from food to packaging, from plastic to paper and other fields.


“We started We started from a family passion to continue to grow and become one of the main players in Italy and abroad. The secret of our success is always the same: working with passion and offering only quality products.”



The success of ECOGEO is based on the choice of quality materials, precision in the production of industrial blades and knives and respect for mechanical tolerances.

All our products are manufactured and controlled by qualified personnel with state-of-the-art tools and machinery.

The extensive knowledge in the blades and steel industry, based on years of experience, combined with the superior performance of our products, makes us a reliable partner for companies operating in varied sectors, from food to packaging, from paper to plastic.

Quality will take you far: our blades will allow you to minimize the downtime of your machinery, saving valuable time and money, and thus optimizing your production.


ECOGEO has always aimed at the quality of the product and service.

This is the philosophy that guides us.

With a coordinated and efficient team work we succeed in obtaining results that always meet the needs of our customers.


Our sales team

With the precision typical of the most demanding professionals, our sales team can count on experienced sellers.

Their accuracy goes hand in hand with a thorough knowledge of the product.
For this reason, we personally take care of the preparation of our sales team, organizing training and refresher courses, to ensure a sales and after-sales service that is concretely useful to the customer.

Our technical team

A team of technicians devoted to the most practical aspect to skillfully solve every problem and ensure the best cutting solution for our customers.

ECOGEO professionals possess qualities that cannot be lacking in our work.

With the constant guidance of a geologist, highly specialized in steels and basic materials of the blades, our technicians are able to create the product that best suits your needs.


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